How to learn to make choices

Posted by June 20, 2020

How to learn to make choices

The ability to make your own choices is an action that is inherent only in people. With this truly unique ability, we choose our surroundings, define our circle of friends, and even control our thoughts. With this ability, we can influence our future and achieve real success in life, but first we must learn to make choices and do in life only what the soul aspires to. How do we learn to make choices?

Of course, we are not able to influence the course or end, say, wars, we cannot stop crime or remove disease from the world. Nor are we able to influence the result that someone’s previous choices lead to, and the circumstances surrounding us can only be improved in the future if we make the right choice at the moment, depending on us. Nevertheless, the decisions we make help to develop our worldview, determine our habits, which in turn leads to the creation of individual emotional, physical and intellectual environment around us.

It should be remembered that for the full and correct implementation of the opportunities provided to us it is necessary, first of all, to learn the free choice, because if the choice is not made by us and not by us set the trajectory of movement, it is unrealistic to realize absolutely all the potential opportunities. Of course, any choice is a certain risk, because the loss is possible to the same extent as a win, and this factor affects the speed with which a person makes a decision. And very often many people are unable to make a choice, which ultimately leads to a flow of lamenting not adverse circumstances, which is a pathetic attempt to justify their own inaction. Truly, exculpatory phrases like “Oh, if I could…” or “Well, what could I do?” sound ridiculous.

How to learn to make choices

This involuntary fear at the moment of making a decision, this subconscious desire to postpone it, is a kind of fear of future success. This is how we build all sorts of obstacles with our own hands on the path that leads us to the goal, and this fear deprives anyone of the opportunity to live life exactly as they want. There are huge potential opportunities in any of us that patiently await the hour of awakening. One may not believe that they exist, but they do – just as there is a molecule and an atom, electricity and uranium and other things that someone may not even have heard of that do not abolish their existence.

Do you believe that there are many more possibilities hidden in us than we can imagine, and that this thought is sometimes so frightening that it is much easier to accept the prevailing opinion that the world around us has its own influence, and that dreams cannot come true, and that one has to give up on the inevitable – rather than accept it.

However, there comes a moment when it is necessary to understand that the choice is entirely up to you, and it is necessary to make it, to take a step forward, even if it can lead in an unfortunate direction. But it is better to try to correct the mistake later than to be on the sidelines of life.

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