Dance mandala

Posted by August 8, 2022

If you don’t like meditation, I can suggest something more energetic. In mandalotherapy there is another very interesting way that works not only with the mind, but also with the body. Mandala dance is ideal for those who are bored of sitting for hours in meditation.

This method was developed by a charming woman – Maya Mandala. Through dance, she was able not only to come to the expression of her true essence, but also to create a completely new system of work with the entire human body.

It turns out that the mandala dance is able to work through the existing problem at all three levels: energy, mental and physical. This practice includes dance moves, breathing exercises, and attention management techniques.

By dancing the mandala, a person can “ground” and come into closer contact with his body in order to become aware of his natural rhythms and cycles. In this natural state, wisdom, depth and at the same time simplicity of life are revealed.

The dance itself is built on the principle of sacred geometry: it has its own center, external form and internal content. The external form is expressed through various dance movements – figure eights, circles, spirals and waves. At the heart of the internal structure are seven energy centers that connect the external and internal.

The main form used in the mandala dance is the figure eight, the symbol of infinity. By drawing figure eights with your body, you build a balance in your mind and tune in to the necessary energy. Spirals and waves are also used in the dance. By “dancing” these elements, you set the energy in the right direction. The circle in this mystical dance has the function of uniting all elements – both external and internal.

Through the dance-mandala, you can harmonize all spheres of life, restore calm and balance to it.

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