Unclear future. We bring clarity!

– I dream that my child will be a successful lawyer. This profession is always in demand. And brings money.

– Already spent a huge amount of money on tutors and https://argoprep.com/blog/things-you-need-to-know-about-pedagogy/. If he doesn’t do it, he won’t see a “bright future”.

– Higher education is essential. Here he will receive a diploma, then let him search for himself. And my mission will be accomplished.

These are the statements of parents worried about the future of their children. Most of them believe that getting a higher education is a ticket to a happy tomorrow. And they make a lot of efforts so that the child receives this ticket.

– I want to do computer development. The future of the Internet. Why do I need a diploma? Only time to waste.

– Mom insists on entering the university. And I’m already making money. And I make good money. I run my page on instagram, I talk about makeup.

– What do I dream of becoming? I want to travel the world and write about my experiences and https://argoprep.com/blog/types-of-summative-assessment-and-formative-assessment/.

And these are the statements of children who are preparing to enter the “big world”.

What is really going on in the “big world”? According to experts, by 2030, approximately 67 professions that are taught today will disappear. What will replace them, how and where to learn them is not yet entirely clear. Therefore, compulsory higher education becomes controversial.

According to employers, we need not just specialists with a diploma, but people who are able to adapt to changing conditions, able to make quick decisions, understand the situation and the flow of incoming information. And yet, people who know how to build relationships, find an approach to a person, negotiate. Troubleshooters.

The literal translation from English is “shooting off problems” This is the kind of person needed in the future. In the future that has already arrived. And you can help your child to enter it easily.

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