Weaning a child from a computer

Posted by March 31, 2022

How can you help your child to get distracted from the computer and sight words for kindergarten? How important is parenting example? What can you offer in return? What do the games children play on the computer say?

Modern children spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor. It is clear that this worries and worries parents. But what can we offer the child in return?

Adults are used to brushing off babies, sending them to read, taking a walk, doing something to keep themselves busy. However, children who are not used to reading books find this boring and tedious. After all, it is much easier to receive new information from a screen or monitor, where you do not need to use imagination, fantasy, abstract thinking. And even walks on the street, so familiar and beloved in childhood by the parents themselves, after vivid virtual adventures are no longer fascinating. And already doing homework or looking for something to do for yourself – this is out of the question.

Meanwhile, the recipe is simple – if you don’t want your child to sit at the computer and 7 8 as a decimal all day, show him an example. First, take a break from the gadgets yourself. And spend all your free time with your children. Pick some exciting books, read them together, aloud at first. After reading a few pages, stop, discuss with the baby which of the characters he liked best. Then ask your child to read aloud to you. Very soon, unless you are impatient, the little one will also get carried away with reading.

Housework is best done together with fun, rhythmic music. And on weekends, go with the whole family to the park, to the rides, to the zoo, ride bicycles and rollerblades. Adults will rediscover the joys of sport, but for children it can be new.

Perhaps your child loves going to the cinema, museums, theaters. If not, try to captivate him with it. Exchange your impressions, discuss what you saw, tell your kid some interesting facts from the life of artists or actors. Pretty soon your baby will be drawn in, he will have an interest in art.

A good option is a trip to nature with the whole family. It is possible with an overnight stay, then the children will have vivid impressions that cannot be compared with any computer game. You can also travel to historical sites, tell what they are connected with. Explain why you need to know the history of your native land, the names of heroes, exploits and achievements of your ancestors. Then the child will be more interested in school, in history lessons. In the same way, after the excursion, you can read a book on this topic, watch a documentary or a feature film.

Thus, you will not only distract children from virtual reality, but also show them that the real world is much wider, larger and more interesting.

Track which games your child chooses. This will help you understand it better. In the virtual world, children are more likely to do what they aspire to, but which they cannot achieve in reality.

If there is a lot of aggression in play, it is likely that in this way the baby wants to protect himself, get rid of fear or stress. It often seems to us that the child’s problems are trifling, but believe me, this is far from the case for him.

Lonely children often claim that they are fine anyway. There are many reasons why the baby is left alone. This is shyness, and aggressiveness, health problems, or simply the absence in the yard or on the street of peers with similar interests. Understand the reasons and help your child find friends. Write it down in a circle or section where there will be many guys with whom you can discuss something or play together.

It happens that the kid is only interested in playing at the computer, and everything else makes him bored. It’s not always easy to come up with an interesting job, you still need to learn it. Play with the children, offer them activities, and you will surely find something of your own.

Treat your little gambling addict with empathy. Agree that after every half hour of working at the computer, he will be distracted and do a few simple exercises, and every hour – gymnastics for the eyes. It is also important not to forget about lunch and walks. To control the time, you can set an alarm, set a timer. Together, plan your play and rest schedule by setting aside time to prepare your lessons. Then the child will not feel like a victim, but on the contrary, an adult, independent and responsible person.

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