Ways to harmonize apana vayu

There are many ways to harmonize apana vayu, and in general you should perform the various techniques in combination. First of all, it is worth beginning with purification and https://www.julianalucky.com/post/all-about-pikler-triangles-your-ultimate-guide and then proceeding to turn the apana upwards.

Cleansing. The first thing to do is to clear the channels and convert the stagnant energy in the pelvic area.
Among shatkarmas (purification techniques) the most effective is shankhaprakshalana, purification of the intestines. This technique helps to replace the old microflora with the new one. For this purpose, a few liters of warm, salty water are drunk in a fairly short time and at first certain body movements are performed until the urge to defecate is felt. With this technique, the intestines are completely flushed out, and even the most stagnant stagnation and impurities are removed. Before you start doing it, make sure you read the instructions on the internet or in “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” or talk to someone who has already had the necessary experience.
Ashwini mudra – contraction of the muscles of the anus. It is good to perform in dynamics. Vajroli mudra (sahajoli mudra for women), contraction of the urethra and genital muscles, is also good to perform dynamically. Performing these mudras increases blood circulation in the genital area, which in turn activates metabolic processes and normalizes their work. It is necessary to note that these exercises may cause excessive concentration on the lower centers, that is why afterwards it is better to do asanas for energy lifting, it is also possible to chant the Om mantra.
Asanas and other physical exercises on the pelvic area. Nowadays most people’s pelvis is overly constrained, which leads to a weakening of the processes in this area. Sitting at work, tight and restrictive clothing, wrong shoes – all these things lead to disorders. So first of all we should “shake up” the pelvis by normalizing blood and prana flow in this area. Asanas that are good are Stupa pose, rolling from one foot to another, Baddha konasana, swinging movements of hips, iliac-bone movements, Paschimottanasana and other asanas with a pelvis;
Dietary changes. Consuming foods with low vibration concentrations has a strong effect on strengthening apana vayu. This includes: alcohol, foods associated with killing (meat, fish, etc.), meals prepared in unwholesome places, by unwholesome people, from stale foods. Increasing the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, pure water, etc. not only purifies the body, but also raises its vibrations.
Energy Boost.
Upside-down asanas. Among all the inverted asanas, special attention should be given to Viparita karani mudra, because when performed correctly, it relaxes the pelvis and lower abdomen, while increasing blood flow to the upper centers;
Agnisara kriya – manipulation of the abdomen while performing maha bandha (simultaneous holding uddiyana, jaladhara and mula bandha) and holding the breath on exhalation. Allows you to connect prana and apana vayu and activate samana vayu, thereby increasing the assimilation of prana. After the practice, you can also feel that after the release of energy locks there is a rush of energy to the head, i.e. as a result udana vayu is also activated.
Mula Bandha – pulling the muscles of the crotch inwards and pulling them upwards. This blocks the downward flow of energy and redirects it upward. Can be performed in practically any asana.
Pranayama. Performing different pranayamas, like nadi shodhana pranayama and anapanasati pranayama, harmonizes energy currents, helps to clear channels and bring the mind into balance;
Reading spiritual literature. An indispensable part of increasing not so much the intellectual level as the spiritual and energetic level. As we said above, strong apana pulls our consciousness down, and often we are visited by thoughts of a far from noble nature. To avoid this, it is necessary to replace the information that comes to us, which directly determines our thoughts and outlook. And the best means is through spiritual literature.

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