Ride in past tense

Ride in past tense

A year ago, Chinese Ride in past tense students at the Sorbonne IV bribed a teacher to inflate their French grades. The forgery was quickly uncovered, the case is being prosecuted, and the Sorbonne is still discussing this egregious fact for it. At the university, even boxes of tea and cakes from students’ parents are perceived with bewilderment, said philosophy of art professor Jacqueline Lichtenstein.

As for the “French USE,” there are no questions or discussions, simply because the test form of testing knowledge or the unified national exam was introduced back in 1808 under Napoleon. All one needs to do is to get marks and submit one’s file to the university of one’s choice, or, having satisfied oneself with a secondary education with a minimum of job skills, find a job. Universities are the only institutions that accept all applicants without pre-screening, which is why students who just didn’t make it into the High Schools, which produce pieceworkers with good job chances, often end up there.

Higher education system in France in addition to universities and institutes is represented by a number of high schools (Grande ├ęcoles), to enter which is much more prestigious. Here will be taken into account not only the knowledge of the candidate, but also his social status, and partly his roots, that is, lineage. In addition, before entering will have to pass and special preparatory courses that take a year or two. In some Higher Schools education is paid, but some of them, such as the Higher Polytechnic School, where the Russian journalists visited, are public. If a child gets high grades in the Lyceum, about him, most likely, they will say: “He will go to study at the Grand Ecole Polytechnique”. This is the biggest praise, because this institution is considered the strongest in France in its field. It can be compared to the Russian Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Molecular engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, economics and management, meteorology – the range of disciplines is quite wide and all of them are considered prestigious. There are a few dozen students from Novosibirsk who study at this high school. There is a special contract-agreement with Novosibirsk State University under which the guys who went to the French School from the third or fourth year will receive two diplomas at the same time. The determinants for the transfer were the success of the students in their studies and at least a nominal knowledge of the French language. All students receive a scholarship of about 800 euros per month and live on the student campus. In the near future the School expects one more Russian student – from St. Petersburg.

Ride in past tense

A total of 2.2 million students are studying in France, 80% of them study at schools controlled by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. About 500,000 high school graduates or 85% of those who receive a bachelor’s degree go to university every year. That is, higher education is as popular in France as it is in Russia, regardless of the needs of the economy. It should also be recalled that approximately 50% of those who enroll are cut off during their first year.

According to the ministry, there are 260 thousand foreigners among the students, their number has increased by 5% over the last 10 years. Education for foreigners is also free in public universities in France. The condition – knowledge of the French language. In this case, a year of training is estimated at an average of 10 thousand euros. But the French government deliberately 2nd grade math games pursues such a policy, making France more attractive to young minds, the ministry said. There are about 30 agreements between Russian and French universities on the exchange of students and mutual recognition of diplomas. At present 4 thousands 253 Russians are studying at the universities, institutes and high schools of France. We can only hope that at least half of them will return to their homeland with the knowledge they have acquired.

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