Math games for second grade

Math games for second grade

It is possible to become Math games for second grade a student at a French university right after high school. But the difficulty is this: our graduates are usually 16-17 years old. And according to French law, if a student is not yet 18 years old, he needs a guardian – a French citizen and a resident of the city where you want to study. It is difficult to find such a person. Therefore, it is easier first to enroll in our university and while studying in the 1st year prepare documents for admission to France. In this case you can provide the results of your first session, to which the French have more confidence than the grades in the school diploma.

Even easier and, incidentally, cheaper – to study at home for four or five years, get a bachelor’s or specialist diploma (depending on which system of the university or institute), and with it go to the French for a year, a diploma of master. You will already be able to boast a full academic certificate, with it you have a much better chance of being enrolled.

Three types of institutions of higher education

Universities will only ask you for a set of documents, there are no exams. Russian students are most numerous here, because studying at universities is almost free. They are subsidized by the state: about 12 thousand euros a year for each student. So you only need to pay 200 – 300 euros per year as a registration fee. The most severe selection is waiting for the 1st year – 70% of them drop out before the end of the year for failure!

Higher schools (they have less specialties) have entrance exams, you have to go to France and take the exams. The competition is very high, but also the diploma in some fields is more prestigious than the university one. In general, education in high schools is paid, about 6 – 10 thousand euros per year. There are also public schools where people study for free or apply the so-called progressive principle: the richer a family – the more money they take from the student, the poorer – the less. The most expensive – MBA programs in business schools, 20 – 25 thousand euros a year or even higher.

Specialized schools (e.g. art or architecture) also accept students on a competitive basis, including creative. You have to pay for your studies.

What documents are needed

Math games for second grade

In the “candidate’s file” must be a copy of diploma or certificate with a notarized translation. If you do not have a diploma – an extract from the academic department. And a motivation letter in French. The meaning of it – to explain to the admissions office, why you need to learn in this particular institution is in this department. Each university may have special requirements, so the exact list of documents is available on the website of the university or institution of higher education.

Language requirements

Good knowledge of French is necessary to confirm the certificates (TCF or TEF) or diploma DALF. They are taken in Moscow, in the French Cultural Center (1, Nikoloyamskaya street, www., in other regions – in Allianc Frances offices, and TEF – in many commercial centers. Certificates are valid for one or two years, the diploma is valid for life.

French universities want to attract foreign students, and now there are more and more programs in English. But this concerns first of all postgraduate education, but there are already higher schools where they are ready to teach even clean past tense first-year students in English.

Who and where they give scholarships and grants

The French government also offers many different scholarships for Russian students:

Study scholarships for professionals with higher education or final year students who want to get a master’s degree in France;

The Eiffel Scholarship Program (in economics, management, engineering, law, and political science);

Copernicus program for young economists and engineers;

scholarships from 2 weeks to 6 months for students and specialists with higher education – in any of the disciplines taught in France.

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