How to teach your child to read quickly and correctly: games, exercises, recommendations, past tense of ride

Posted by July 17, 2020

These games, exercises and tips will help teach your child to read quickly and correctly.

How to teach your child to read quickly and correctly: games, exercises, recommendations, past tense of ride

We have already talked about the fact that the process of learning to read is very long and begins with the birth of the child. To start reading, the child has to understand that graphic symbols – letters – are added to words. For each child, this moment comes at a different time. Someone at the age of 5 is already able to read fluently, and for someone at 7 years old reading is a difficult task.

To begin with, remember that reading requires attention, perseverance, observation and maturity of the brain. Besides, the most important factor is motivation – a child will never start reading if he or she does not want to.

The problem of motivation

Pre-schoolers and first graders do not really have many opportunities to love reading. After all, at the moment the most interesting books are not yet available to them, because they are too voluminous. So what to do in this case?

Read out loud with the child. First, agree that you are reading the page, and the child one sentence, gradually the volume read by you and the child should be equal.
Try to find an interesting book with a small amount of text, it may be: a book of poems, children’s encyclopedia, comics and even a collection of jokes.
Use an external motivation, such as a game.
The book you propose to read to your child should not be volumetric with fine print and without pictures. Text should be given to your baby in “portions”.
Reading should not become a punishment, there is no need to encourage it as well as punishment.
Try to pick up such works on which films or cartoons are made: first read the book, and then watch the film, paying attention to the fact that not all the interesting moments from the book were filmed and in general the book is much more interesting than the film. Explore the past tense of ride.
Read it for yourself. The child should see that the parents enjoy reading.
In conclusion, let’s say that not all children can learn to read correctly and without mistakes without the help of a specialist. There is such a problem as dyslexia, which we will talk about in the next articles.

Exercises and games that help to teach a child to read quickly and correctly, gre verbal practice

How to teach your child to read quickly and correctly: games, exercises, recommendations, past tense of ride

There are many aids that allow your baby to quickly remember the alphabet. We will give you the most popular and effective ones.

The alphabet. It should be in large print and bright, beautiful pictures. It is desirable that on each page the authors place a short thematic quatrain. The preschooler will easily remember it, and with it the letter.
Magnetic whiteboards. They are convenient to work with. Not only alphabetic characters are attached to them, but also images. You can ask your child to make up the name of any subject, find a picture of the letter that is being studied at the moment, play “dominoes” of the words (each new begins with what ended the previous one).
Printed templates. Large elements of the alphabet written on format A4 are suitable for game training. Ask your son or daughter to decorate the “letter of the day” with different small items. Threads, buttons, ribbons, pieces of coloured paper, fine sea pebbles, beads will be suitable for this purpose. Gre verbal practice for children. When the task is done, remove the template and offer to play a graphical image of the letter from memory using the same handy materials.
Creative tasks. Mould syllables and words from plasticine, cut out of a paper, build from the designer. When the kid will cope with the task, ask, what it has turned out. If will answer – the lesson has passed successfully, if not – fasten a material.
“Alphabetical” food. Look for cookies, pasta, morning breakfasts made in the form of letters, and each meal will turn into a fascinating lesson.
Learning sets. They are sold in any children’s shop. They are suitable for parents who do not want to waste time creating auxiliary materials and prefer to use ready-made ones.

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