How to help your child love math

Posted by July 8, 2022

Adults deal with numbers and every day, from calculating the cost and quantity of groceries to planning travel times. They also may not notice the presence of mathematics to their advantage, for example, for football, you need to calculate the number of points of teams, for baking, you need to weigh the ingredients, calculate their quantity and cooking time.

But how to explain mathematics to a child in an exciting way? It’s very simple. For example, the topic of fractions can be analyzed using real life examples, such as slices of cake or pizza. Board and card games, sudoku, books with mathematical concepts and tasks, such as determining the number of packages of sweets that will be needed for the son’s or daughter’s holiday gifts, will help to learn numbers interestingly.

To motivate your student to study the exact sciences, encourage logical skills in children.

Encourage your son or daughter to gradually and slowly figure out the problem, offer their own way of solving it. If you want to know how to teach your child math, you can consider the following methods.

Play math games
Often, number and comprehension skills are developed in an informal setting. Buy board games with an emphasis on exact sciences and logic. This is a great way to relieve stress and just enjoy the learning process.

Be an example
Some children love to learn on their own, while others need extra help with this difficult subject. When teaching children about mathematics, use a personal example, show how you apply knowledge of exact sciences in life – when calculating a budget or making a recipe.

Focus on logic
If you want your kids to learn well, don’t focus on their wrong answers. You need to focus on logic. Ask how the child got his answer. So you can analyze at what stage the difficulty arose with solving problems.

Explain that it’s okay to make mistakes
Responding calmly to mistakes is a kind of endurance test that can be an effective way of learning. Parents should convey to the child the idea that not everything works out the first time.

Looking for interesting training
How to help a child fall in love with mathematics if the parents were not strong in this subject? There are many free resources for learning. Encourage your children to make good use of their time online. You can find more than just entertainment content on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram: look for expert and community pages with educational content.

Encourage a growth mindset
Often psychological attitudes interfere in life. Does your child not understand math? Or perhaps he is simply afraid to challenge himself because of his own limitations in thinking. Explain to the children that no one is born a mathematician, everything comes with experience.

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