How to be the best

How to be the best

How to be the best

Everyone thinks that he is the smartest, most beautiful and most charming person among all his surroundings. We can agree that we have some flaws, of course, but they are all insignificant and do not prevent us from being better than others. Some people are so confident in their superiority and exclusivity that it takes a lot of effort to bring them back from heaven to earth. If your conceit is okay, and you soberly assess all your strengths and weaknesses, you are quite able to work on yourself. Let’s try to figure out together how to become better than others.

The first thing to do is to decide who you want to be better than. The word “better” in itself means comparison, therefore, you need to establish for yourself benchmarks that you will try to surpass.
In order to become an interesting interlocutor for others, you need to have a lot of knowledge. Of course, someone likes to be surrounded by empty-headed and limited people. This allows them to look more advantageous against this background. But most people do not seek to communicate with windy, emptyheaded girls, but with erudite interlocutors who can support an interesting conversation. In this case, it is very important not to bend the stick and do not pour out on their friends the tone of unnecessary information for them. Not only will it not raise your rating, but on the contrary, it will reduce it by fixing a label for you nerds.

Show as much friendliness as you can. Be able to find the good in every person. People around you will notice it and reach out to you. This will help you become a welcome member of any company, everyone will always be happy to meet you. If your mood now is not the best – try not to splash out all the accumulated negative on others.

No less important quality than friendliness is attention. Be interested in all that your friends do. Show attention to each of them, and if you notice that someone is sad or experiencing difficulties – try to help. Showing attention, it is very important to have a sense of proportion, because if you will be diligent to ask a person about what he does not want to tell you, then his eyes you instead of paying attention will become annoying.

Always be attentive with your interlocutor, let him speak out, learn to listen to others. People will understand that you are always ready to help them in difficult moments and will appreciate it very highly.

Every person has some shortcomings or complexes. How do you fight them and how do you become better than others? It is difficult to conquer your shortcomings, but everyone can cope with the complexes. Closely watch for those flaws that you know for yourself, and try to do everything to get rid of them.

Some shortcomings, primarily due to your physical qualities can not be defeated. For example, you can do almost nothing if you are small. Just accept it and learn to love yourself as nature has created you. If you can do it, people around you will do the same.

How to be the best

Express your individuality in everything. Don’t be afraid to show yourself and let your feelings and fantasies run wild.

For example, all women of the fairer sex, without exception, have the natural gift of intuition. Thanks to it, you can find your own style, find yourself. Some of your friends may not like it and they will not be able to understand you, but remember that real friends will always appreciate you, supporting all your endeavors and ideas.

When thinking about how to become better than others, it’s important to be proactive. Many people find it very difficult to take the first step in communicating with someone they don’t know. Do not be afraid of him, and take the initiative in your village.

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And the most important quality that will help you become better than others – the ability to smile sincerely. With the help of an open smile and a kind look it is possible to achieve almost everything, and if your eyes will throw lightning and your face will be constantly frowning – all your loved ones just turn away from you.

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