How do you learn to do a flip on your own?

Posted by June 7, 2020

How do you learn to do a flip on your own

Many people have admired Jackie Chan since childhood, who shows his skills in acrobatic elements, one of which is flip. Therefore, fans of his films want to learn this trick to impress others. Let’s look at the technique of flip, and its varieties, together.

Tips and tricks on doing air flips.
It is quite possible to do the air tumbling yourself. Let’s first consider the main varieties:

Side or against the wall.
Let’s go.
A pirouette (the name given to backward/forward flips and also around the axis).
In order to master the technique of air somersault in the shortest possible time, you must have at least some physical training. Forward and backward flips are easy to do if the leg muscles are properly pumped. Otherwise, you can get injured.

So before the trick you need to prepare muscle fibers and warm up. That could be rope jumping, seating and tumbling. The warm-up is done on a flat surface, so as not to stretch the ankle muscles. Many people wonder – how fast can you learn to do a flip?

It’ll take time. Therefore, you need to learn patiently and train your muscles.

We recommend to conduct the first trainings not on the asphalt, but on soft ground, or even better – in the gym. There are gymnastic mats there, so it won’t hurt to fall. There is also additional insurance. It is better to conduct classes with a coach, who will help and tell you how to do the trick with the minimum number of falls.

It is also possible to learn at home. For this you will need soft blankets and mattresses. For support, it is advisable to call a partner who will be an insurance policy when performing the element.

Exercise preparation
All body parts must be prepared before a back and forth or side flip. Stretching should be done. This way all muscles will warm up and become flexible.

To prepare the legs should sit on the floor, stretch the limbs straight and tilt forward. Grasp the toes, pull them towards you and fix so for two or three minutes.

To warm up the hands and wrists make swings. Then connect them behind your back in the locks as follows: one hand is on top, the second is led from below. Pull them forward and pull their fingers to the body. This way the wrists will warm up and strain.

For the neck and back there are five or six rotational movements of the body and head in different directions.

Let’s look at the information, how to do a flip correctly?
Let’s look at how to learn how to do a loop from a place, regardless of its type.

First, let’s learn the technique of rear air tumbling…
Let’s start with a study of backward somersault exactly (body or legs should not deviate), as well as a high jump.

It is important to group correctly so that you do not get hurt. Therefore, a second person should be present at the first training, who will provide insurance. If you are doing a flip for the first time, you should call some friends. One of them will support your lumbar spine when performing an air trick, the second person will guide your legs for a soft landing.

When you’re learning, don’t take your eyes away from the target – this will cause damage. You should concentrate your gaze on point 1 and keep it until you start doing the rear air trick.

How to do a flip for a newcomer:

To be near the wall exactly.
Then, pushing off the surface of the ground, straighten the body and press your knees to your chest.
Jump to the top and try to be on your toes.
The first landings will be unsuccessful. That’s why you put your knees on your knees.

Let’s do the flip forward correctly.
It is considered a basic acrobatic exercise. By mastering it, it is possible to do more serious tricks. Take your time in training, sharpen the following movements:

A clear flip in front of you. For this we squat. Jump high, stretching out your arms in front of you.
Have you mastered it? We do the same thing, but already standing.
Then you can start learning the exercises. So how do we do a forward flip? We get up against the wall exactly. We jump out with our hands straight. The legs should be moved a little further than the body, and we do a flip. The buttocks should be pulled as high as possible. Legs bend in the knee joints. Then we group, pulling the knees up to the shoulders. Landing on the toes, but not completely unbending the legs. To make the somersault clear, wrap your hands around the knee joints.

Flip in the side.
It also has a second name, Arabic flip. Before you can master it, you have to learn how to do it:

Side somersault. It is recommended to perform it from a flat vertical support and use five mats for a soft landing so as not to get damaged.
Side flip. To do this, you must first make a run from the opposite wall.
The two tricks above should be connected. There is 1 mat left on the floor for the flight phase.

How do you learn to do a flip on your own

You want to do a double flip and a pirouette? It’s important to learn how to do all the other types of air rolls first. Then you won’t have any trouble.

How do you not have to do
Have you started learning how to do the air tumble? Let’s stop a bit and look at the main errors:

Bad push. Occurs when a person doesn’t put enough force into pushing.
A deflection of the body with the shoulders pulled back just before the push.
Narrow movement of the arms.
Inadequate tilting of the body forward. Lack of firm adjustment.
Waving backwards at a bad time.
Head not pointing backwards when shoving.
Strong backward movement of shoulders.
Wrong end of waving.
Waving and pushing start and end at more than one time.
Incorrect landing at the end of the grouping.
Taking into account these errors and recommendations, everyone can learn how to make an air tumble back and forth, and this will prevent injuries.

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