Face to face meditation training

Posted by July 13, 2022


Historically, face-to-face teaching of meditation practices https://www.julianalucky.com/post/mommy-and-me-yoga-benefits between an expert teacher and students has been the main way that most people have mastered the relaxation technique.
They provide an opportunity to receive individual recommendations dictated by personal characteristics and circumstances.
Allows you to make progress in a short time.
Just like a personal fitness trainer, your meditation teacher will keep your workouts under control and motivate you, despite various “excuses”, to practice regularly.
Some teachers (especially Vedic ones) provide lifelong support to their students. This means you can contact them whenever you have questions, at no additional cost.


The high cost of training can sometimes be a barrier, as some teachers value their work, long-term support, in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Today, anyone can call themselves the best meditation teacher. There are no clear criteria by which it would be possible to assess the degree of his qualifications. So beware of scammers.

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