Classical Yoga for Beginners

What should one do if he or she decides to go the classical yoga route? How do you start practicing at home? And is there a classical complex?

The first prerequisite is fa

miliarity with the moral principles of yoga (yama, niyama). Those who take the path of yoga should use them in their life, strive to observe the moral precepts as clearly as possible. However, due to the fact that modern life has a frantic rhythm, one should start mastering classical asanas at the same time. If you’re already practicing at a club, the opportunity to build your home practice will allow you to get firmly on the path of yoga.

Your first set for home practice should include a warm-up. You can only practice by first warming up your body, and then you should include a Padmasana routine to master Padmasana. Your first classes should not be too long, the purpose of yoga is not to tire you out, but to help you become a whole person. Start with 30-40 minutes, but do it regularly. Conclude any practice with a shavasana. Your first set should be simple and safe.

young beauty woman in white lay in yoga asana – fish pose isolated

When your body is ready and you are able to stay in meditative asana for 10 to 15 minutes, you should start learning pranayama. It is important to remember: pranayamas are performed in meditative asanas or in a sitting position, with straight back and crossed legs. Pranayamas should be mastered only under the guidance of a specialist. Incorrect performance of the exercises can lead to very unpleasant consequences. For beginners is recommended full yoga breathing without delays, this is the safest option.

The next step is meditation. There are a huge number of meditative techniques, but here it is also important to remember that meditative practices should be performed under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

To summarize, we would like to remind that the essence of yoga is not the asanas. It doesn’t matter how difficult an asana you can do if, outside the mat, you insult people and malign them. It doesn’t matter how skillfully you do pranayama, what matters is how the living beings breathe around you. Yoga doesn’t start and end on a mat. It starts in our heart and mind and expresses itself through our actions.

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