5 types of mathematical thinking

Posted by May 16, 2022

The category of “smarts and smarts” cannot be called homogeneous. Despite the identical level of intelligence, each of them will use different methods when solving the same problem. Someone will think abstractly, someone better to reduce to specific parameters https://argoprep.com/blog/building-professional-learning-communities/. This is because there are 5 types of mathematical thinking:

Topological – meticulous studies of details, concentration on qualitative rather than quantitative relationships. Begins to develop from 2 years of age.
Ordinal – a sequence of actions, the logical conclusion of what has been started. People with this type of thinking do not like to take risks and trust only proven facts.
Metric – emphasis on accurate calculations and https://argoprep.com/blog/culturally-responsive-teaching-what-you-should-know/. Metrics prefer to weigh everything and predict the result in advance.
Algebraic – structural perception of the object. The ability to combine around the established rules. Style of work: concentration on the main thing and simplification of the secondary.
Projective – a large-scale approach to the problem, based on a deep analysis of all components. A person who has the ability to see a question in different projections is distinguished by a highly developed intellect.
The direction of mental activity in a particular situation will depend on how much one type dominates the others.

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